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Here you will find an overview of frequently asked questions.


To Betty BBQ

Who is Betty BBQ?

Betty BBQ is the living attraction of Freiburg, a real Black Forest Draq Queen! And Freiburg’s self-proclaimed Mutti, one of the nine official anniversary ambassadors of the city of Freiburg for the 900th anniversary of the city in 2020, spritzer queen, ambassador for an open and lovable Freiburg, bearer of the 18th order of the Herrenelferrat Friends of the Breisgau fools’ guild – and much more. Just get to know them!


Is Betty BBQ a woman?

Yes! And a straight-loving woman. But seriously: behind or in Betty BBQ there is of course a man. But that’s not the point. Because Betty BBQ is a drag queen, a living reminder that we shouldn’t take anything for granted and accept each other for who we are.


How old is Betty BBQ?

Betty BBQ is 28 years young and always will be. At least as long as the house and court supplier for make-up and wigs remains loyal to us.


Where does Betty BBQ live?

In Freiburg. Everything else is unimportant, except that you always have to expect to bump into Freiburg’s mom in the city center. However, it is said all over town that Betty lives in a huge cuckoo clock and opens the shutters like the cuckoo in the cuckoo clock every morning at the first rays of sunshine and greets the day.


What does Betty do at night?

Shallala! Because Shallala is a successful way of life.


How do you greet Betty BBQ?

With “Hello, hello!


Does Betty have a toast?

Yes – “Zig, zag, onion, off to the gable!”


What is Betty’s motto?

“Home isn’t just black and white.”


We would like to book Betty BBQ for our event. Is the?

Yes. Betty usually has a full schedule, but with enough advance notice and a bit of luck, she still has time for your event. We are happy to prepare you entertaining and unforgettable hours with the presence, moderation and Black Forest drag queen charm of Betty BBQ & Clan. Amusing souvenir photos included! More information here . Inquiries are welcome via the Contact section to the Betty BBQ office.



For sale of Betty BBQ Merchandise products

Great and original products from Betty BBQ can be purchased online in our web shop. On selected days (mainly on Friday and Saturday afternoons in the summer when the weather is good), selected Betty BBQ products are also sold at the Betty BBQ Meeting Point (Franziskanerstraße 11, 79098 Freiburg) . Likewise, after the city tours with Betty BBQ, there is usually the opportunity to purchase selected Betty BBQ products directly on site.


About our city tours in general

How can we book city tours?

Tickets for the public tours can be purchased in advance by 4 p.m. on the day of the event at the latest. Advance sales are mainly made through our advance sales partner Reservix: , see po as with all Reservix booking offices, such as the Tourist information of the city of Freiburg, to the Badische Zeitung ticket service in the Freiburg Downtown as well as at the Reservix ticket hotline.

On selected days (mainly on Friday and Saturday afternoons in the summer when the weather is good) there is also a presale at the Betty BBQ Meeting Point (Franziskanerstraße 11, 79098 Freiburg) directly via Betty BBQ Travestie & Entertainment. Here you can also purchase selected products from the Betty BBQ Webshop .

A public city tour only takes place if it has already been booked in advance. For public city tours that take place (i.e. were booked in advance), we also offer the purchase of remaining tickets (if still available) directly from our tour guides on site directly before the start of the city tour. Please be at the start and meeting point early Betty BBQ Meeting Point (Franziskanerstrasse 11, 79098 Freiburg) . You can purchase the remaining tickets for a small surcharge in cash or without cash (EC card, credit card (Visa and Mastercard), contactless NFC technology). Excluded from this is the pub crawl (pub crawl), for this city tour tickets can only be purchased in advance.

Do you want a performance guarantee? Then buy your tickets in advance, as mentioned above!

Inquiries for exclusive/private tours (e.g. for JGAs, company parties, group outings, birthdays and much more) are processed and booked by us, the Betty BBQ office.


Is Betty BBQ present on every tour?

Betty BBQ offers tours of her world with and without you. Whether or not Betty BBQ is included depends on the tour booked. The City Tours “Hello, hello, Freiburg! – The travesty city tour with Betty BBQ” and Kling, mulled wine, klingelingeling – the Christmas city tour with Betty BBQ as well as coffee gossip and city whispers – the “coffee trip per pedes” with Betty BBQ for young and old always take place with Betty BBQ. Also on the Pub, Comedy and Red Light Tours, attempts will be made to arrange a meet-up with Betty BBQ during the tour, however this cannot always be guaranteed due to possible scheduling conflicts.


Can we take pictures with Betty BBQ?

Yes – and gladly! Usually we offer you to take pictures with Betty after the tours.


Where do the tours start?

The public city tours always start at the Betty BBQ Meeting Point in front of Hackl’s zapfBar (formerly Franziskanerkeller) on Rathausplatz at Franziskanerstraße 11, 79098 Freiburg im Breisgau. The starting point for the exclusive tours can be agreed separately.


When should we be at the meeting point?

We start on time. We therefore recommend that you be at the meeting point 10-15 minutes earlier.


Can dogs and animals be taken on the city tours?

Unfortunately not! We want to give you and the other guests a tour with a focus on their protagonists, the content and the entertainment. We therefore ask that you refrain from bringing animals with you. Thank you for your understanding!


From what age can the city tours be attended?

Since alcohol can be consumed on most city tours and pubs require admission from a minimum age, we can only offer our city tours from the age of 18. Exceptions to this are the city tours ” Coffee gossip and city whispers ” and ” Stocky’s Bächle walk “, here no alcohol is consumed and there is no age limit, but we recommend participation from the age of 12 (accompanied by a legal guardian/adult supervisor). Please always have a valid, official identification document (e.g. identity card) with you.


Are the city tours only offered to the public?

No. We offer our city tours publicly (for free sale) or as exclusive tours (private tours). The tickets for the public tours can be purchased in advance from the Betty BBQ Reservix web shop , from all Reservix advance booking offices and the Badische Zeitung ticket service in downtown Freiburg, as well as from the Reservix ticket hotline. In order to enable better planning and to increase the safety of our guides, we ask that you use advance sales and refrain from purchasing tickets from the guide before the start of the tour. You are welcome to inquire about exclusive tours without obligation via the Contact section of the Betty BBQ office.


Are smoking bars visited?



Do you also offer tours in other languages?

Yes, on request via the contact section of the Betty BBQ office and subject to availability. We currently also offer selected tours in English, French, Spanish, Hebrew and Arabic.


No success without structure. Are there any rules for participating in the tour?

Yes. Please note our rules, conditions of participation and tour .


To Hackl’s ZapfBar

Is Betty BBQ the landlady of Hackls Zapfbar?

No! Betty BBQ is the entertainment officer in the Zapfbar, but not the owner or landlady of the Zapfbar. That is – how else should it be – a Mr. Hackl. We therefore ask you to refrain from making reservation requests for the tap bar. You can reserve via Whatsapp, information about this and more can be found on the Hackls Zapfbar Facebook page.


We want to celebrate at Hackl’s Zapfbar. How can I reserve?

You can send all information, reservations and other inquiries directly to the Zapfbar via Whatsapp. Information on this and more can be found on the Hackls Zapfbar Facebook page . Unfortunately, Betty BBQ cannot arrange any reservations for you.


Hen parties/stag parties (JGAs)

Do you organize whole JGAs?

No. But we have a few tours on offer that are perfect for a JGA. When you book a tour of the Betty BBQ world, we can also provide you with offers from our cooperation partners, such as for restaurants, strippers/burlesque, photographers, etc., subject to availability. We are also happy to help you with tips and tricks for a successful JGA in Freiburg. You can ask the Betty BBQ office via the Contact section.


What is particularly important for JGAs?

JGAs are events of joy and exuberance. Our city tours and pub crawls should be fun for everyone and we clearly distance ourselves from the impression of “guided drinking tours”. Excessive and irresponsible alcohol consumption with loss of control, loss of decency and lack of respectful and polite interaction are punished by exclusion from the tour. We would like to have fun with you on our tours and therefore please note in particular that – our tour leaders/guides reserve the right at any time to exclude participants who are too drunk or behave irresponsibly from the tour, a refund is excluded here, – disguises are allowed, However, care must be taken to ensure a well-groomed appearance – handcarts, vendors’ trays, etc. are not permitted, – Bringing your own alcoholic beverages and the so-called “Wegbier” are expressly forbidden. Please note our Rules, conditions of participation and tour and our terms and conditions.


Getting married to Betty BBQ? But yes!

We’re getting married – is Betty BBQ up for it?

Betty BBQ has been looking for the right person for many years – still without success. So if it fits…just write! But seriously: you want to get married – but not traditionally, stiffly and unoriginally? Then you’ve come to the right place with the Betty BBQ Clan – take a look at what we have on offer for you on our website or by contacting the Betty BBQ office .


Booking of exclusive tours

We want to book a tour from the Betty BBQ world exclusively (as a private tour). What are we going to do?

Please send us an inquiry. Please write us exactly which tour(s) you are interested in, on which day and date, for which occasion and the number of people. We will answer you as soon as possible whether the requested date is available.


We received confirmation of our requested appointment and made a binding booking via e-mail. And now?

In this case you will receive a booking confirmation from us with a request for payment of the agreed price. You will find the invoice attached. We ask you to pay the amount within 10 days by bank transfer, stating the invoice number and the invoice date. Please note that the booking and execution of the tour only becomes binding once the invoice amount has been credited to our account. Please confirm your booking again using the reply function of your e-mail program and, if possible, give us the mobile phone number of a participating (responsible) person on whom we can reach your group on the day of the event if necessary.


We have transferred the invoice amount. What now?

In this case you will receive a payment confirmation after the amount has been credited to our account, which means that the tour is bindingly booked.


When should we be at the meeting point?

Exclusive tours also start on time. We therefore recommend that you be at the meeting point 10-15 minutes earlier. Please contact us in any case if you are late.


Damn! We have already booked and paid, but something came up. Can we cancel?

Cancellation with a refund is possible up to three months before the start of the tour, minus an administration fee of 5% of the tour price. After this period, cancellation with a refund of 50% of the tour price is possible up to six weeks before the start of the tour. A refund afterwards is unfortunately not possible. Please also note our terms and conditions.

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