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Bächleputzer Stocky

The Freiburg Bächle as a historical irrigation and drainage system – an innovation from and in the Middle Ages – are the workplace of Alain, our real “Bächleputzer”, who is affectionately called “Stocky” by the people of Freiburg. Anyone who hears Stocky speak knows: “He’s from here.” Stocky speaks Alemannic – and the long-standing employee of the Freiburg Waste Management and City Cleaning GmbH (ASF Freiburg) is just as honest and direct. He has been working for the ASF for more than 20 years, and for more than 10 years he has been assigned to the “Freiburger Bächleputzer” based at the ASF. As a foreman, he is particularly responsible for the team and the cleaning and maintenance of the Freiburger Bächle.

Betty BBQ and Stocky got to know and appreciate each other as part of the Freiburg city anniversary 900+1 in 2020/2021 – this has resulted in a friendship – and the idea of making the Freiburg Bächle experienceable and “understandable” for those interested with a city tour -bar” to make.

Like Bolle, we are delighted that we have been able to offer the following in the City Tour program since 2021 with the friendly support of the Freiburg waste management and city cleaning company (ASF Freiburg):

>> STOCKY’S BÄCHLE WALK – The Bächleputzer City Tour – with Stocky, the original Bächleputzer! <<



Known from TV and radio!

SWR television from March 16, 2022.


On tour through Freiburg with the Bächleputzer

Stocky has a rare profession. He’s a brook cleaner.

And that only exists in Freiburg and there is an unusual city tour to go with it: the original Bächleputzer tour.

The full SWR contribution and video contribution can be accessed on the SWR website .




You are also welcome to visit Bächleputzer Stocky

on Instagram & on his website !



We would like to thank the wonderful Harry the draftsman for the great graphics and drawings provided for this city tour!

As a draftsman, Harry the draftsman offers the highest quality, whether as a quick draftsman or as a commissioned artist, on site at your place or in his drawing studio. Get to know him and his work: Website Harry the Draftsman .

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