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Together we are strong!

Betty BBQ without Betty? That will not do.

With us, Betty is always in the front row. But she can only do that because she always knows that her Betty BBQ clan is behind her.

The backbone of Betty BBQ Travesty & Entertainment are the many committed and strong personalities in our team.

This also includes the management and our fantastic city tour guides !

Do you also want to belong to the Betty BBQ clan and work as a city tour guide for Betty BBQ? That’s our pleasure! You can get more information here .

With the Betty BBQ Clan we have the right offer for (almost) every need!

Presentations, burlesque dance, musical travesty performances?

We can offer you this and much more from the diverse pool of the Betty BBQ Clan. Just contact us !

Our Betty BBQ City Tour Guides: Qualified, empathetic, people with character!

Betty BBQ only works with qualified city tour guides: Solid, empathetic people with that certain “something”, trained local knowledge and other qualifications defined by us for the implementation of our tours guarantee that the city tours run smoothly. And if things turn out differently: Our guide always knows what to do.

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