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The Company: Betty BBQ Travesty & Entertainment

Only if everything runs smoothly behind the curtain can the show in front of the curtain be a success!

The travesty artist Betty BBQ, as the owner of the sole proprietorship Betty BBQ Travesty & Entertainment , is a conscientious businessman whose top priority is to comply with the legal regulations and the social dictates of a company with employee responsibility, which is a matter of course for him.

In order to more than meet all obligations and rights and to meet the business and structural structure of the company at all times, Betty BBQ has had the renowned cultural manager Sebastian Heusel , owner of SRH Management & Consulting , since 2018 with the handling of all management – Activities commissioned exclusively.


A “look behind the scenes” for the… ears!

How does it actually work behind the scenes? Who does what, how do Betty BBQ and her management understand each other in all their actions and what drives them? How can creativity and professionalism be brought into perfect harmony, what does that have to do with the history and development of the fictional character Betty BBQ and what can (young) entrepreneurs learn from it?

The podcast “Die Innovationskiste” by Gründerschiff UG (limited liability) & CO. also addressed these questions. KG from Konstanz in their series “Expedition Querweg” in episode 05 “Self-realization in the foundation (S02E28)”. Feel free to listen!

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For inquiries to Betty BBQ and/or Management please click here: Contact Us

All legal information about the sole proprietorship Betty BBQ Travesty & Entertainment can be found in the imprint .

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