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For all city tours, please note our information related to the corona virus :

Hello, hello, Freiburg! – The Travesty City Tour with Betty BBQ

Bookable in public and exclusive implementation.

The unofficial Queen of Freiburg, Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ, takes the opportunity to personally offer you an enchanting city tour! Because: “Freiburg is much more than just the Kaiser-Josef-Straße and the cathedral!” – If anyone knows that, it’s our well-known Fräulein BBQ!

Whether funny anecdotes from the nightlife of the Grande Dame or the latest city gossip, Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ will take you into Freiburg’s history and dazzling present!

  • Entertainment city tour
  • Led by Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ personally!
  • Duration of the tour around 60-70 minutes
  • Participation from 18 years

Stocky’s Bächle Walk (Not with Betty BBQ)

Bookable in public and exclusive implementation.

Freiburg has a lot to offer – and the Freiburg “Bächle” are certainly one of the biggest landmarks of the city in Breisgau. They are a world-renowned tourist attraction unique to the Southwest’s “Sun City”. It is undisputed: The Freiburger Bächle belong to Freiburg like the Minster and the Black Forest, without them no city tour and no travel guide can do.

  • Informative and interactive walk around the Freiburg Bächle!
  • Guided by Stocky, the original Freiburg Bächleputzer!
  • Duration of the tour around 90 minutes
  • Participation from 0 years, from 0 to 18 years only when accompanied by a legal guardian/supervisor
  • Graduated price structure according to age of participation: 0 to incl. 5 years, 6 up to and including 15 years and over 16 years
  • The Freiburger Bächle are subject to regular checks as well as maintenance and cleaning work, for which the central water supply can be changed or switched off. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the Bächle will have water on every event date.

Exclusively at Christmas time: Kling, mulled wine, klingelingeling – the Christmas city tour with Betty BBQ

The implementation of this city tour is independent of the Freiburg Christmas market and also takes place if the Freiburg Christmas market is canceled or has ended.

Bookable in public and exclusive implementation.

Kling, mulled wine, klingelingeling the Christmas City Tour with Betty BBQ . Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ prepares you for Christmas with a city tour with a firework of gags and sonic babble. Betty BBQ tells of the turmoil of the Christmas season, of punch, mulled wine and Christmas tips. She clarifies such essential questions as, for example, whether a baby conceived at the Christmas party is actually a “punch child” or how it feels when not only the tree has all the lights on and why there is such a nice Christmas market in Freiburg.

  • Christmas entertainment city tour
  • Led by Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ personally!
  • Duration of the tour around 80 minutes
  • Including a mulled wine or punch to warm up
  • Participation from 18 years

Coffee gossip and city whispers – the “coffee ride on foot” with Betty BBQ for young and old

Only bookable in exclusive performance.

There’s no better place to chat than behind a coffee cup – Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ thinks so too. What could not be more obvious than a coffee trip in the afternoon?

Freiburg’s mum insists on inviting you to this fun city tour for young and old through the Black Forest metropolis! “Per pedes” – that is, on foot – to experience Freiburg’s beautiful and world-famous city center with all your senses.

Treat yourself to an enjoyable city tour with comedy, gossip and amusing stories from Freiburg’s celebrity drag queen.

  • Entertainment City tour: “Coffee ride” on foot with no electric blanket
  • Led by Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ herself!
  • For young and old and without age restrictions. We recommend a tour participation from 12 years. Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.
  • Duration of the tour around 90 minutes
  • Including a coffee and a piece of Black Forest cake as well as sweets along the way

Heavy boys, light girls – the red light city tour (Not with Betty BBQ)

Only bookable in exclusive performance.

The oldest trade in the world is entwined with a whiff of the wicked, the forbidden, and also of temptation. One of our Betty BBQ tour guides* will now take you on a journey through time to the red light district of Freiburg in the 70s, 80s and 90s and tell you about heavy boys and light girls. Don’t miss the exciting stories from a time when some streets in Freiburg were bathed in a dim red light! In the “Schnecken” suburb, not far from the Schwabentor, “trade” had been at home since the Middle Ages. Here the policemen drank a coffee with the whores in the legendary Cafe Ruef in the morning. Here the citizens lived next to pimps, prostitutes and thugs and bought their long red wine in the “Würschtle-Puff”. In the Arena Bar, Freiburg celebrities stood at night with scantily clad women at the bar, and at the other end of the city center, Gina Wildkatze, the manager of the Playboy Bar, got out of her limousine in a long white fur coat. She once had real, white mink bikinis sewn for her 15 bar girls. The highlight of the tour is a detour to the southernmost neighborhood pub in Germany. And with a bit of luck, you might even bump into Betty BBQ, the “Mum of Freiburg”, herself*, who will surely be able to tell one or two slippery stories from her colorful life.

  • Entertaining city tour in Freiburg’s red light past
  • Led by experienced Betty BBQ tour guides*
  • Duration of the tour around 1 hour 40 minutes.
  • Including a stage refreshment
  • Participation from 18 years.

The Pub Crawl with the pub guides of the Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ (Not with Betty BBQ)

Only bookable in exclusive performance.

In Freiburg, it not only flows down the world-famous Bächle every day, but also at some bars: Freiburg is known and loved by locals and visitors from all over for its diverse and exciting pub scene.
Never a dry throat here – and now you can tour selected pubs and bars* with the experienced pub guides* and get to know Freiburg, the pub landscape and nice people in a fun way! And with a bit of luck, you might even bump into Betty BBQ, the “Mum of Freiburg” herself. Because it’s now again: “Zig, zag, onion, off to the gable!”!

  • Entertaining pub crawl
  • Led by experienced Betty BBQ pub guides*
  • Duration of the tour around 4 hours.
  • Including a welcome shot at the beginning of the tour, a total of 3 small beers or small wine spritzers (of your choice) and 2 special shots at 5 stations, free entry to all pubs and bars and shoots on the way sponsored by FICKEN Likör ( while stocks last).
  • Participation from 18 years.

Freiburg is fat! – The Comedy City Tour with Kerstin Luhr (Not with Betty BBQ)

Freiburg’s Comedy City Tour with comedienne Kerstin Luhr !

Unfortunately not possible at the moment!

Freiburg needs more fun, humor and wit!
Who – if not her – is better suited for this task than the Freiburg stand-up comedienne Kerstin Luhr ? Black Forest Drag Queen Betty BBQ thought so too and quickly brought the talented stand-up comedienne into the Betty BBQ Clan! Kerstin Luhr is known, among other things, from “Nuhr ab 18”, the “Quatsch Comedy Club” and “SWR3”.

As a genuine “Freiburger Bobbele”, Kerstin Luhr, with her wit, her winning character and her positive physicality, ensures laughter and sympathy and places more emphasis on comedy on her tour – how could it be otherwise.

Freiburg is much more than just the Black Forest metropolis: Freiburg is fat! This is proven by the (sym)Baden comedian from the Betty BBQ Clan with her fresh and funny nature. What have you always wanted to know about Freiburg and what not? Kerstin Luhr makes sure that you experience both!

  • Comedy city tour
  • Led by the Freiburg comedienne Kerstin Luhr
  • Duration of the tour around 90 minutes
  • Including a “short” stage refreshment
  • Participation from 18 years

Public implementation of the city tours:

Tickets for the public tours can be purchased in advance by 4 p.m. on the day of the event at the latest. Advance sales are mainly made through our advance sales partner Reservix: , see po as with all Reservix booking offices, such as the Tourist information of the city of Freiburg, to the Badische Zeitung ticket service in the Freiburg Downtown as well as at the Reservix ticket hotline. A public city tour only takes place if it has already been booked in advance. Do you want a performance guarantee? Then buy your tickets in advance, as mentioned above!

Please note for the public pub crawl/pub crawl:

For organizational and dramaturgical reasons , purchasing tickets for groups of more than 8 people from our advance sales partners is not permitted . If you still want to take part in the public pub crawl tour with more than 8 people, please contact the Betty BBQ office beforehand for a possible release: Alternatively, we recommend booking an exclusive pub crawl.


Exclusive/Private Tours:

For group events of 8 people or more, such as birthday parties, company outings, JGAs, etc., we recommend an exclusive/private tour based on experience. Here you can choose the start time yourself and you are always among yourselves in the group. The exclusive tours start at 8 p.m. at the latest. If you book an exclusive city/bar tour, we will be happy to provide you with additional services, such as a photographer, stripper and ride in a party stretch limousine.

Inquiries for exclusive/private tours (e.g. for JGAs, company parties, group outings, birthdays and much more) can be made without obligation by contacting the Betty BBQ office (please write us exactly which tour(s) you are interested in, on what day and date, for what occasion and the number of people). We will then be happy to make you an offer tailored to your needs.


The meeting point for our tours is always at the Betty BBQ Meeting Point in front of Hackl’s zapfBar, Franziskanerstraße 11 in Freiburg’s old town at Rathausplatz, 79098 Freiburg.


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On selected days (mainly on Friday and Saturday afternoons in the summer when the weather is good), selected Betty BBQ products are also sold at the Betty BBQ Meeting Point (Franziskanerstraße 11, 79098 Freiburg) . Likewise, after the city tours with Betty BBQ, there is usually the opportunity to purchase selected Betty BBQ products directly on site.

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